Sell Your Home Faster With These Trendy Curb Appeal Ideas


The housing market is on fire, and many homeowners are doing anything they can to ensure their properties sell as quickly as possible for as much money as possible. Whether you’re trying to sell a family home that you’ve owned for over twenty years, or you’re flipping a property and almost ready to sell: the home’s exterior is one of the most important factors to decide whether a home sells immediately or not.


These are the top things to do if you want your home to sell quickly and why they’re an awesome benefit to any property.

Updated Sturdy Roof

Your roof says a lot about your home and can leave it well protected or could make it leak in the long run. In order to avoid any problems, update your roof the moment it needs it, and go for a sturdy material.


A slate roof will last far longer and will give your property a fresh face. Not only can this material last well over fifty years, but it also looks incredible and gives your property the chance to handle anything from heat to ice and even moisture and wind. Your roof is your home’s first defense, so having a good one will ensure it sells far faster.

Striking Color and Form Combinations


Color and form are both important to ensure curb appeal is at an all-time high. Black and white homes have been making a splash on the market, as buyers realize they want a property that can stand out amongst those surrounding it. If your siding needs to be updated, consider doing so with fiber cement board and batten siding to give it a fresh face.


Take the time to look into what your HOA allows before you make any large paint changes, and give yourself the time to create a property that looks fantastic. Consider what’s popular in your area: not necessarily what you personally would want to buy. Sometimes our personal tastes don’t align with what’s popular.

Steel Buildings for Storage and Entertainment

Pre-engineered steel buildings are one of the most popular perks many new homeowners are looking for. This can create spaces like unattached garages, storage spaces, and even buildings like an inlaw suite in the back lawn. Although these can be an expensive update to make since you’ll have to finish the space and ensure it’s up to style: it’s an awesome investment that will offer a fantastic return when it’s time to sell.

Sturdy Storm Proof Windows

Although having full bars over your windows can make an area seem dangerous and knock down your chances of selling any time soon: putting in aluminum window grills gives you security without the bad parts! Not only do aluminum grills look incredible in any window, but they also come in a large array of patterns and styles so that they can look as natural to your property as you want them to.


If you’d rather go without the bars, look into hurricane-resistant windows that can handle any amount of wind and wear.

Exterior Items That Clearly Have Details in Mind

Details are a vital part of getting your home noticed by buyers. By putting in a lot of details like cold-formed steel studs, or patterned and gorgeous permeable pavers, you allow a home to look like a lot of thought was put into it. 


It’s vital that you take your time and make sure you don’t go too overboard. For instance, a stained glass window above the door can be lovely, but making every window in the home stained glass is quickly overwhelming and exhausting.  

Increase Security in Lighting

Your home’s security is a must when you’re selling it. One of the best ways to increase surety while also increasing how gorgeous it is at night is to add exterior lighting. These can be either motion-sensor or can stay on for the full night, depending on your personal tastes. Not only do they allow your home to show off how beautiful it is 24/7, but the lights keep burglars and criminals away since they don’t want to be seen.

Lawns That Are Beautifully Low Maintenance

Consider putting in locally-sourced plants that are natural to the area your home is in. Not only will these need the least amount of work throughout the season, since they’re built for the weather you’re in, they’ll also allow your property to look more natural in its surroundings than other properties that don’t have what they need. You should still mow and edge the lawn before anyone comes to look at the home, but these extra details can make a property exciting to anyone. 

Every Property is Perfectly Different

Although some may assume that the most important thing you can do is allow your property to feel at one in the neighborhood it’s in: a lot of the beauty in properties is how they stand apart. Don’t fear adding these details to any property you’re selling!

Ryan Shure is an editor for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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